Hi, I'm Stephen

For 20+ years I've painting, experimenting, creating, and honing this craft. Much like the feeling of flipping through a good book, or the nostalgia of an old analogue recording, I strive to give you art that you can hold and admire with your own eyes.

From the bottom up

Every panel is stretched by hand and built with intention. From the quality of products to the size and shape of the canvas

Reinventing the wheel

Relying heavily on the mathamatics of old, I set out on my artist journey to make a mark and with lofty intentions to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. A re-imagined Fibonacci spiral made from circles, built upon the framework of the golden rectagle itself. Then, using that framework, share with you the things I find that bring passion to my life in hopes of connecting to those fascinated to find these patterns in nature.

  • Mathamatics

  • Nature

  • Inspiration

  • Intent

  • Sacred geometry

Who is Stephen Mann

Father, treeplanter, dog and nature lover. These are just a few of the hats I wear that keep me motivated. Living here on the Pacific Coast and having the means and ability to create does wonders for my mental health and everyday I'm so thankful to surround myself in such beauty.

  • Family

    The only thing I love more than making art is spending time with loved ones. Children are a constant source of inspiration in my life. Whether its from learning patience when they are young to watching them set off on their own and tackling the world with fresh eyes, they never seize to amaze me. The best years of my life have raising kids and seeing some of my creative talents rub off on them fills me with so much hope and joy.

  • Treeplanting

    As a career treeplanter I've spent the better part of two decades travelling all over B.C., finding inspiration up in the mountains down some dirty back road that few ever have privileged of seeing. Being in nature and giving something back has help shaped me in so many faucets of my life. But most importantly the seasonal work has allowed me ample time to pursue my real passion

  • Dog days

    There are few joys in life then that of the unconditional love you receive from a dog. My dog Betty is always reminding me to put down the brush, put on my hiking shoes, and get out out on the trail. These are the times, I appreciate the most. Where I can be fully connected to mself and my place within the trees next to a creek absorbing all the sounds and smells. Collecting my thoughts and recharging my soul so I can attack the next painting with renewed vigour.

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