Red Heron Creations

Abstract geometric art with subject matter that connects to those seeking sacred geometry in nature

Artist Statement

My paintings tell a story. They are a testament to the steps I took to be in the place I am now. As a career treeplanter on the west coast of B.C. I've drawn inspiration from the incredible views atop mountains to the forest floors and beaches. My story is steeped in nature, our connection to it and to each other. But I'm not your typical landscape artist, like any good storyteller this one has a bit of a twist.

Rest assured each canvas is hand built and stretched with the finest quality materials

and the acrylic paints we use are know for their archival integrity which will stand the test of time

Customer Testimonials

Stephen's artistic skills are a wonder to behold. The painting he did for me is truely a thing of beauty, and I would not hesitate to purchase one of his paintings again.

Kester, U.K.

I purchased my painting from Stephen and it's become my favourite art piece I own. Ordering was easy, it was shipped promptly and arrived well packaged and safe. Very happy with my purchase.

Kristy, U.S.A.

I purchased two paintings from Stephen. Their virbant colours play off each other and when hung together create a focal point on my wall. They were beautifully framed and I'm happy to have them in my collection.

Jess, Canada

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